Blackjack Tips

Blackjack is a casino game which is considered to have positive long term expectations. You can’t win every blackjack hand, but if you know some good blackjack tips and can apply them you are sure to win a bit more.

– Before starting to play blackjack online, you must be sure that the casino you chose is a safe and reliable, for example, a reliable casino may have an eCOGRA certification.

– Find the casino with a wide choice of variations of blackjack. Try as many variations as possible to see which of one you like most. It doesn’t mean you must play only this blackjack type. You can enjoy different types of this game, for example, in different moods.

– The online casino often allows practicing blackjack games for free. Use this chance for practice and perfecting your strategy.

– Also check how well customer service works in the online casino.

– Learn and use a Blackjack Basic Strategy. The basic strategy chart helps you play blackjack hands in almost all situations. You may find the blackjack basic strategy chart in many books, internet. Find it and use every time you play the game.

– Don’t think about card counting when you play an online Blackjack. You are likely to hear about blackjack card counting and shuffle tracking or other sophisticated strategies to play blackjack. When you play online, forget about them, they are useless here.

– Before starting to play ensure there is a clock somewhere near you and note how long you have been playing, and limit your game to a reasonable time period.

– Make your bet size bigger when you win. It is normally that you want to raise your bet when you lose in order to recover losses. But it would be better to increase your bet only when you are winning, it would be less risky than augmenting the bet when you are losing.

– When you are going to play blackjack pay attention to the fact that in some casinos the dealer hits on soft 17. This does increase the casino edge. Choose the casinos where the dealer stands on all 17s.

– Enjoy blackjack. Blackjack is a fantastic game that combines luck and strategy, and it gives a great deal of pleasure, no matter you win or lose, but, of course, winning at blackjack brings you more fun than loss. But think of the loss in that way: you pay for the pleasure to play blackjack, then relax and have a great time.